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Obtaining an ultrasound is an essential first step in your pregnancy journey. Regardless of the options you are considering for the outcome of your pregnancy, don’t underestimate the bearing this step has on your health.

What is an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a safe diagnostic test that uses sound waves to show the inside of the body. During an ultrasound, the provider will use a handheld wand to emit sound waves into your body. The sound waves bounce off the surfaces of your organs and back to the wand. The returned sound waves are then projected onto a screen for the provider to interpret.

Ultrasound is a safe procedure. You may feel pressure from the wand, but it shouldn’t be painful.

Ultrasound offers you and your provider a glimpse into your pregnancy and answers the following questions:

Is the pregnancy viable?

10-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. An ultrasound will determine if the pregnancy is growing and has a heartbeat. If it isn’t, you could be having a miscarriage which may or may not need treatment.

How far along is the pregnancy?

The length of time you have been pregnant is important not only if you are planning on carrying the pregnancy to term but also to determine which procedure you are eligible for if you decide to abort the pregnancy.

Where is the pregnancy located?

Sometimes a pregnancy can implant outside of a woman’s uterus. This is called an ectopic pregnancy, and it is a life-threatening condition for the woman. It is crucial that an ectopic pregnancy be treated as soon as possible. Since abortion is not a treatment for ectopic pregnancies, ultrasound is key in detecting the condition before an abortion is performed.

We’ve Got You Covered

If you test positive with a pregnancy test at the Crossroads Care Clinic, you will be offered a free limited ultrasound to confirm, date, and locate your pregnancy.

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