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Finding out that you are unexpectedly pregnant can be an overwhelming experience. The Crossroads Care Clinic is here to help.

Our experienced advocates will inform you about your options—abortion, adoption, and parenting—in a non-judgmental space.

Whether you have already decided on the outcome of your pregnancy or need more information on your choices, we have lots to offer.


Maybe you have already decided to terminate your pregnancy through abortion. The options counselors at the Crossroads Care Clinic are prepared to give you the information you need to decide based on facts. They can answer questions like:

  • Do I need an ultrasound before my abortion?
  • Am I eligible for a medical abortion? 
  • Is abortion legal in North Carolina?
  • What are the risks of abortion?
  • What happens if the abortion is unsuccessful?
  • What do I do if I change my mind?


Sometimes when women find themselves pregnant and aren’t ready to be a parent, they feel like abortion is their only option. But adoption is a solid choice for many women. Adoption today looks vastly different than it did in the past. 

Birth mothers today can choose the family that will raise their child and how much contact she would like with them as they grow. 

If adoption sounds like it could work for you, our advocates can provide you with the information and resources you need to take a further look.


Parenting is a challenging but worthwhile commitment. If you didn’t plan your pregnancy, it can be hard to suddenly try to imagine how you will fit parenting into the goals you have for your future. Parenting might not look like the plans you have for your life, but we believe that you have the strength to see this through.

If parenting is the right choice for you, we want to partner with you to ensure you succeed. At the Crossroad Care Clinic, you can take parenting classes, obtain the supplies you need to prepare for your baby, and learn about the resources the community has to offer you.  

Post-Abortion Counseling

Abortion can leave some women with feelings of guilt, sadness, grief, and regret. If you have experienced an abortion and are struggling with these feelings or other related feelings days or even years afterward, don’t suffer in silence. Reach out today to find hope and healing. 

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