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Our first client today came with her husband which actually earned her twice the points in our Earn While You Learn Program for watching the video and filling out the worksheet that goes along with each video.

The first video today was about Prenatal Care.  There were several interesting points they brought up that I thought were worth passing along to you…

  • Getting medical care early in your pregnancy increases your chance of having a healthy baby
  • Partners are encouraged to attend prenatal visits
  • In your 1st trimester your prenatal visits will occur every 4 weeks
  • Starting around your 10 week visit you should be getting to hear your baby’s heartbeat
  • Dr visits will increase to every 2 weeks and eventually every week in your 3rd trimester

They were able to watch another video today that was focused on Eating for Two.  This video was very informative and confirmed several things that I had heard before like…

  • It’s recommended that you start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you find out that you are pregnant
  • There are several foods that you should avoid when pregnant like:  smaller fish, unpasteurized milk, soft cheese, cold lunch meat, uncooked eggs and raw or rare meat
  • You should drink 8-12 cups of water each day and avoid more than 1-2 caffeinated drinks a day
  • In your 1st trimester your body does not require any additional calories
  • Most women only need 300 additional calories in their 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

Wow, that was a lot of facts in just 30 minutes.   It’s good that our clients are able to take home their worksheets to refer back to.  Oh, and also most of the time the worksheets include homework that they can bring back in to get additional points to shop in our wonderful baby boutique.

Today our clients were able to get diapers, wipes, baby clothes and some bedding to use in the baby bed.    I’m looking forward to see how we can help our next clients with some of the many services we offer.

If you know someone who would benefit from this information please share this post along with this link for a full list of all of our services at the Pregnancy Resource Center of Statesville.

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